Our Mission

“Here at Alpha Aquaculture we strive to provide a reliable and friendly service to both saltwater hobbyists and vendors alike. Alpha Aquaculture is driven by our belief that innovation through technology and education will change the way future generations approach our hobby. Most of all, we love saltwater creatures and want to share our passion!”

Kris Schmidt   |  CEO and Founder of Alpha Aquaculture LLC



Our Guarantees

We guarantee you will be happy with your order.

Our motto is that every single fish we sell must end up in someone’s aquarium. We value feedback and if there was anything we could have done better we want to know, and we will do our best to correct any problems. We freely give credit and refunds on a case by case basis, all we ask is that you explain the situation to us.

Ultimately, we are very confident you will love our fish so we put our money where our mouth is!

Are you a retail store and you were not able to sell a few fish?  Are you a retail customer and the transaction wasn’t super smooth? Was there anything about your interaction with Alpha Aquaculture you want to get off your chest?  We want to hear from you!

We guarantee your order will arrive alive.

We have strict shipping procedures to ensure your fish get to you without a problem. But, even though we have a proven record of success in shipping we do not believe we are perfect.  If any fish do not survive their journey we will cover 100% of any and all losses – successful shipping of our fish is also our financial responsibility to you. Furthermore, we promise to improve our system to ensure the reason for your loss is addressed in all our future shipments.

We guarantee you will get the best deal.

We are committed to providing you the healthiest and highest quality fish on the planet at competitive prices.  While we regularly review market supply and demand trends to ensure our fish are a good value, if you can find a better price just send us the listed price and we will match it! (Keep in mind, the fish must be the same breed, grade, and size in order to qualify for price matching).

We want you to get the best deal possible so don’t hesitate to use our price matching guarantee!


Our Facility

We are a USDA veterinarian inspected and approved aquaculture facility that specializes on clownfish breeding and husbandry. While we aren’t a regular fish store, we welcome visitors (and customers) to stop by our warehouse.

We focus on using sustainable practices in our work, and we never sell wild fish in an effort to help the environment and protect the ecological balance of our oceans. Our captive born clownfish are all born and raised in glass tanks, and used to (a very spoiled) aquarium life.


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