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Ordering is as easy as you want it to be – if you hate reading and want to get straight to it,

just give us a call: 1-331-GO-ALPHA (1-331-462-5742)



STEP 1    Review our availability and price list here.

If you are a store or a distributor, please call us or click here. If you are an international customer, click here.

STEP 2    Decide on the breed, grade, and quantity of clownfish you would like to order.

Feel free to mix and match! We sell single fish, pairs, small groups, and large groups. Need help deciding?

STEP 3    Choose the ALPHA PICK (retail price) or WYSIWYG (individual prices). 

For the Alpha Pick,we choose your fish for you (the most frugal option). Our WYSIWYG inventory is a selection of individual fish priced based on their unique patterns. Feel free to mix and match a little of both! We do not currently sell any fish as WYSIWYG unless the are listed on the page.

STEP 4    Place your order.

For quicker processing, have your preferred method of payment ready.

Option 1    Call us at 1-331-GO-ALPHA (1-331-462-5742)

Option 2    E-mail your order to [email protected]

STEP 5    We ship your order.

Once your invoice is paid, we will update you with the total shipping cost, when the shipping process is initiated, and when to expect your order to arrive.

STEP 6    Tell us how we did!

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Need a little inspiration? Check out our gallery of clownfish to see some of the breeds we have produced.