Anyone can order from Alpha Aquaculture!

We will sell our clownfish to anyone online!  But we only ship to local fish store businesses.  All you have to do is tell us what your favorite local fish store is!  We will handle the rest!  We want to support local fish stores so we sell your fish to your local store at a standard wholesale price so that your local store can also make money.  You get the fish you want, we gain the support of your local store and your store gets a nice sale!


Ordering from Alpha is as easy as pie!

STEP 1.  Review our Retail Customer Price List and decide the Breed and Grade of clownfish you like best!  We sell single fish, pairs, small groups and large groups.   You can mix and match any of our Breeds & Grades into any sized group you like!

STEP 2.  Decide if you like surprises!  Pick one of the following:


Trust us to choose your fish for you.  We are an awesome team of 8 people that work with designer clownfish all day long!  You will be surprised at what our clownfish pattern scientists can dream up for you and why not save a little money in the process!  Just tell us how many of each Breed & Grade you want.  This will always be your cheapest option.  Look through our Retail Customer Price List to see the varieties you can choose for Alpha Pick.


What You See Is What You Get.  You will be able to see the exact fish that you will have the option of buying before actually buying it.  We will provide you with photographs and/or video of unique clownfish for you to choose from.  Just tell us the Breed & Grade you want and we’ll email you media of some sweet fish.  WYSIWYG fish will only be held for 48 hours after media has been emailed and must be shipped within 1 week of date of purchase.  We can usually provide media within 48 business hours of request.  WYSIWYG fish are priced on an individual fish by fish basis so we are not able to tell you exact cost before receiving media.  Refer to Alpha Pick prices to get a minimum for your cost.  Look through our WYSIWYG section to see what we currently have listed.  Contact us to request some WYSIWYG media for the varieties you want.

STEP 3.  Call us at 1-331-GO-ALPHA and pay for your fish.  Or email us your order and pay via a PayPal invoice.

STEP 4.  Tell us in the checkout process what your favorite local fish store is and what day is best for you to pick your fish up from the store.  We guarantee 100% live arrival until your local fish store closes on the day of your pick up!  Just get to that store before it closes!


alpha-recycle-5100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Price Match Guarantee

100% Live Arrival Guarantee