We support local fish stores!

We know that times are tough for local fish stores around the country and we want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  We will sell our clownfish to anyone online.  We know that every fish that is sold online is a fish that is not being purchased in a local fish store.  We are conscious of the conflict of interest with selling direct to retail customers and cutting out the local fish store.  So we developed our Retail Store Tribute Program and instead of cutting out the local fish store we are cutting in the local fish store!


How does our Retail Store Tribute Program benefit your store?

–  We accept 100% of the liability.  There is zero risk for you.  Under no situation will you be responsible for the death of a fish that is sold through our Retail Store Tribute Program.

–  We deal with 100% of the sale.  You save time.  We handle all retail customer questions and issues before and after the sale.

–  We send you cash.  You don’t even have to order with us!  We do appreciate it when support is reciprocated but we don’t require it for you to get your cut.  We want to prove to you through action that we operate based on the highest level of integrity!  We do hope that eventually you will also help support us by ordering your clownfish from us.

–  We bring customers into your store.  Our retail customers must pick up their fish at your store.  When they pick up their order you can sell them more stuff!

–  We offer you an online store to generate sales.  Through our Retail Store Tribute Program you can increase your sales and profit margins without ever having to tank a fish.  There is no limit to the potential of our Retail Store Tribute Program.  You can effectively increase the amount of livestock you offer to your customers with no additional risk.  Feel free to suggest that your customers contact us to buy their clownfish.  Just make sure that your customers tell us that your store is their favorite store.

–  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We guarantee that your experience will be smooth and trouble free as stated.  We guarantee that your tribute will feel like free money!


So how exactly does the program work?

Retail customers shop with Alpha directly.  Retail customers from across the US find Alpha Aquaculture in their search for special designer clownfish.  If we were to turn down these retail customers they would buy from another online vendor that would surely not cut you in.  We want to keep any prospective retail customers business in the family.  So any retail customer that contacts us is encouraged to buy from us so we can help support you.  We offer our Retail Price List to retail customers for review so they can decide the Breed and Grade of clownfish they like best!  We will sell single fish, pairs, small groups and large groups.   Retail customers can mix and match any of our Breeds & Grades into any sized group they like!

Retail customers pay Alpha directly.  Retail customers call us at 1-331-GO-ALPHA and pay for their fish.  Or they can email us their order and pay via a PayPal invoice.  We collect your money for you!

Alpha ships the retail customers order to your store .  Our retail customers tell us in the checkout process what their favorite local fish store is and what day is best for them to pick their fish up from the store.  We ship to your store and the retail customer goes to your store to pick up their fish.  You get another walk in customer.

Alpha pays you a tribute.  Once a retail customer has picked up their order from your store and the transaction is complete we will send you your tribute.  We pay 66% of the value of the livestock.


Additional details of the Program.

–  The retail customer must give us the name of your store in the checkout process in order for us to offer you the tribute.  We will offer the tribute to whatever store the retail customer prefers.

–  You must confirm with us that it is ok for us to ship to your store.  We will not ship without a confirmation that it is ok.  If after several attempts we have still not been able to get a confirmation that it is ok to ship we will offer the tribute to another store in your area.  We want our customers favorite store to get the tribute so try and get back to us!

–  For some higher value rare fish and breeding stock we must offer a lower tribute percentage.  For example, we are the exclusive world distributor of PeaceKeeper Maroons.  We do not own these fish and we receive a small commission for selling them so we only have a small margin with which to cut you in.  Ultimately this still works in your favor.  Even 5% of the sale of a $10,000 fish is $500!  $500 for accepting delivery of a package with no risk is easy money!  We decide the exact tribute for any higher value rare fish and breeding stock on a case by case basis.  Ultimately retail stores will receive a 66% tribute on the value of livestock for over 99% of the sales we make within our Retail Store Tribute Program!  Rest assured we want you to get a nice cut!

–  We gladly accept feedback.  We do not want to do anything to hurt your business and we genuinely want to help you.  We feed our families through the support we receive from Retail Stores like yours and we care.  We have a face to face relationship with almost every store we sell to.  If you can tell us how we can improve we want to hear it.  We can grow stronger if we work together!



I’m Kris and I’m the sole owner of Alpha Aquaculture.  I’m absolutely committed to supporting aquaculture and all retail stores that sell aquacultured fish.  Through this Retail Store Tribute Program I’m hoping we will be able to develop a cooperative relationship and will both benefit.  Please call me on my cell at 608-347-0644 if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.  Please leave a voicemail if I don’t pickup and I’ll call you back.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about our program.  I personally promise that we won’t let you down!


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100% Price Match Guarantee

100% Live Arrival Guarantee