A note from Kris:

We have had thousands of satisfied customers since we first opened in 2011 but have only put together a handful of the hundreds of awesome comments we have received.  If you’ve sent us some nice words about your experience and we didn’t mention you we appreciate your understanding!

Please don’t forget that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  As the sole owner of Alpha Aquaculture I can personally guarantee that you will be 100% happy with your order.  Feel free to call the shop and ask for me.  Let me know if you are not entirely satisfied and I’ll always make it right.  I want to hear from you and I’m eager to learn how I can improve Alpha Aquaculture!


Jorge M

My experience with Alpha Aquaculture, especially with Kris, was very pleasant. The stock they carry is outstanding, and from speaking with Kris, rigorously selected. He was really nice and helpful. He was prompt at answering any questions I had, and his input to my questions was very useful. He was also very accommodating to my needs, as he was willing to hold a fish for me for a few weeks while my tank cycled. Shipping was great, my fish arrived nicely packed and in excellent bagging/boxing conditions. Something I enjoyed compared to bigger companies, is that it’s nice to associate a person to a company, and in my case, I was able to do so with Kris, making the experience more personable. Overall, I would qualify my experience with Alpha Aquaculture as excellent.


Jose R

I ran into Alpha Aquaculture when I was looking for a male for my Snowcasso as I was looking thru all the fish the they have (over 200 fish).  I found the pair SnowOnyx-Extreme-Pair-2-MantaRay.  I contacted Kris and ask him about the fish he was very nice and informative.  He told me that the pair was over 2 years old and that it will start spawning soon so I order the fish came the very next day by 8:30am and wow the fish was even  nicer than it looks in the video and pictures beautiful fish and just as Kris said it only took 3 months for the female to start laying.  I want to thanks Kris for excellent service and the beautiful fish.  I have to say that buying from Kris (Alpha Aquaculture) has been one of the most gratifying experiences.  You can see this fish in the Alpha Aquaculture Hall of Fame.  JRIZO1


Aris F

Had a very good buying experience with Alpha Aquaculture.  The WYSIWYG clown photos, videos and descriptions on the website helps me a lot in choosing the right fish for our family.  Kris the owner is very helpful and answered all my inquiries.  He also helped me do a custom pair(NOTE: no EXTRA charge).  My snowflake and nemo look-alike pair made me and my daughter happy.  We love our clowns and will do business again.


Liya D

I had a great experience purchasing from Alpha Aquaculture! Kris was so helpful he took the time and answered all my questions via phone and email! And those clownfish I got from him are just WOW! If you are looking for crazy insane pattern high quality healthy fish this is the place to purchase From. Highly recommend! Will definitely purchase from them again! Thank you Kris and crew!


Mark S

The fish arrived in great shape, acclimated no problem. I had a snowflake pair for about 3 years and a few months ago the female died for no apparent reason so I have been looking for a mate. I added the fish to the tank at lunch and when I got back home after work they were paired up and playing in my H. Magnifica. After looking at your fish for several weeks (and others) I felt comfortable that I would be getting a healthy fish. Your videos are a great selling tool.     Thanks, Mark


Peter E

I called Kris, told him I wanted a young pair of very nice looking Black Ice Clown fish for our tank. What he got for me was exactly that, awesome looking pair of Black Ice Clown Fish. Kris sent me a video of the fish before they went onto the web site, 5 days later they were in my tank. Great company to deal with 🙂


Bradley P

Let me first let you know that I am very apprehensive about ordering very expensive fish online. Your site had a great selection, good videos of the fish and fairly competitive prices so that was enough to have me give it a shot…and I am so glad I did.

There are several things that influence my opinion about dealing with a retailer: Customer Service, Price, Delivery and post sales treatment…You and your company sets a great example for how these attributes should be taken care of.

The customer service that I received after my order was a quick email that indicated that the fish I purchased was doing well, describing colors and patterns etc (matched my expectations). It also asked when I wanted it shipped, for my convenience. I made a call on a Friday late to determine if it was going to ship that day so I needed to be available on Saturday (in case there was miscommunication) and I was treated very respectfully by the staff and was assured that it was good. I made a phone call on Monday to speak with Kris, and we talked for an hour, him answering all of my questions and getting me more excited about this hobby. On Monday night (the evening it shipped) Kris sent me an email letting me know it was packaged and getting ready to ship, and it was being done as late as possible to cause as little stress on the fish as possible. It also asked me for a follow up call once I received it and sent me some acclimation tips (Thanks Kris). I made a call after it arrived this morning and he answered a few more questions that I had… ALL of the communications were fantastic!

The shipping was again, sent as late as it could, followed my requests as far as the dates that were convenient for me and arrived as expected. The packaging was triple bagged with adequate water/oxygen in a insulated box with a heater pack on top. Nice presentation there!

Like I said…communication has been excellent and I was asked to give him a followup call in a week or so to let him know how it is adjusting. THIS IS FANTASTIC!

Now let’s talk about the Onyx Picasso that arrived…. This is one of the most beautiful clowns that I have ever seen. The Color was amazing (and I know there were pics and video, but they didn’t do it justice)! The size is exactly what I expected and the health of the fish seemed good. I did a slow drip acclimation (for a little over an hour) during which the fish started off a little sluggish but soon was cruising around the container and even ate a little bit of Mysis that I dumped in it. My girlfriend set her coffee cup down next to the container, and the clown swam over to it and seemed to like it. I am from Seattle so I have been conditioned to believe Starbucks has super powers, but I think it was the radiant heat…but I will stick with the fact that the fish likes her roast dark!

The only down side that I can come up with is that you have made this hobby a lot more attractive and I am sure that will just end up costing more money

Anyways, thank you so much for the experience.

If you are looking to order fish online….You can not go wrong with this site. Great Product, Good Prices and Excellent Customer Service!

I do not always order fish online, but when I do it is from AlphaAquaCulture.Com! REEF ON my Friends!


Javyn H

First of all, I just wanted to say that ordering from Alpha Aquaculture is extremely simple and hassle free. After I placed my order, Kris sent me an email confirming the order and asking me when is the best day to ship out the fish. I’ve tried a couple different online stores and they pretty much ship the fish out whenever they want so I have to take a day off from work and stay home to wait for the package. I didn’t have to do that with Alpha Aquaculture. I was able to setup a date so that I can be home without interfering with my job. Kris also sent me an email containing tips on how to acclimate the fish. After I received the pair of Doni’s Snowcasso and Extreme Picasso, I followed the instruction and acclimated them for about 2.5 hours. What’s amazing is that the pair of beautiful clown fish didn’t look stress out at all. Kris even sent me an email checking up on the fish. Now that’s what I call superb customer service. If you see a fish you like, don’t hesitate to order it asap because it may not be there when you’ve finally decided to buy it. Thanks again for your awesome customer service and beautiful Snowcasso. Looking forward to buy more from Alpha Aquaculture in the near future after I save up more money. Thanks Kris for everything.


Adam D

Hi Kris,

All is can say is AWESOME!!!

The Blacker Ice clown is even nicer in person and the Fancy White clown you picked out is absolutely perfect!!! (well done! 🙂 )

The package arrived in excellent shape and it was still warm.

Packing was very well done, nice and secure.

The clownfish looked great even in the bags, they were just kind of swimming around.  It’s the best I have ever seen a fish look in the bag.

Acclimation went smoothly and the clowns are acting normal in the tank (they have stayed together the entire time).

The seahorses and clowns have met and I am happy to say it went very well.  Zero aggression from the clowns and the seahorses weren’t scared or stressed.  They checked each other out and went on their way.

I cannot begin to say how thankful I am, these are the coolest fish and your generosity has been overwhelming.

Thank you,



Andrew H

I ordered my dream clownfish from Kris and could not have asked for a better experience.  Not only was he kind enough to take time from his vacation to personally talk to me about the best time frame to send out my fish he packaged them so well they went out in negative three degree weather!  The fish themselves are incredible and exactly what they appeared to be on the net.  He’s even been kind enough to sell me some of the food he uses, although they were both eating new life spectrum within forty eight hours of arrival.  I highly recommend Alpha Aquaculture to anyone looking for designer clowns from someone who is truly passionate about their fish!